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May 11, 2017, 3-4 PM Pacific Time 'M.E.D. & Getting a Good Night's Sleep'
Join Richard for a look into using M.E.D. technology to affect Sleep Patterns, Insomnia, and Circadian Rhythms

May 25, 2017, 3-4 PM Pacific Time: 'M.E.D. & Muscle Testing'
Join Richard to review Muscle Testing, including when to look for strong vs. weak response, straight hands vs. clenched fists, how to check for 'Done' and Done/Done.

These webinars are open to all who have attended a M.E.D., Holo-SETS or MHRT seminar, or a Level 4/Mastery prior to 2015.


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Matrix Energetics® Webinars 05/27 - 06/02/2017
    Special Session
Seattle ME© Fundamentals Intensive Only 06/03 - 06/04/2017
    Fundamentals Intensive
Seattle ME© Field Trip + Psycho Emotional Energetics 06/04 - 06/06/2017
    Special Session
Miami Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems 07/15 - 07/17/2017
    Special Session
San Diego M-Joy Integrative 07/22 - 07/23/2017
    Special Session
Denver ME© Fundamentals Intensive Only (2 Days) 08/05 - 08/06/2017
    Fundamentals Intensive
Denver ME© Mastery Intensive + Psycho Emotional Energetics 08/06 - 08/08/2017
    Special Session
Kirchzarten Matrix Energetics© Fundamentals & Mastery 10/27 - 11/01/2017
    Special Session
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