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Thursday, May 2, 2019, 3-4 PM 'M.E.D. & Following the Language of the Body Pt. II'
Each interaction with the body is truly unique. Join Richard for Part 2 of his review of the fluidity of this amazing technology as he flows from one step to the next by simply using M.E.D. to interpret what the body is telling him. Increase your own ability to read the body and open yourself up to allowing the information from all levels of the body to lead you more confidently through this healing protocol. Part 1 is not required to attend this webinar.

PREREQUISITE: This webinar is open to those who have attended a M.E.D.,Holo-SETS, or Path of the Mystic seminar. Or to those who have attended a Mastery/Level 4 seminar prior to 2015.


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