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Dr Richard Bartlett D.C,N.D - Matrix Energetics International

Registration Line: (800) 269-9513
Merchandise Sales: (800) 269-9513

Dr. Bartlett offers private sessions via Skype as time permits. He does not offer in-person sessions. Please note there may be a significant wait and not every request can be accommodated.
To inquire about an appointment with Dr. Bartlett, please email

Melissa Joy also continues to offer private sessions via phone and Skype. To inquire about an appointment with Melissa Joy, please email

If you are interested in a private appointment with a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner who may be able to assist you sooner, please go to Find a Practitioner at:

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Current Address:
4610 200th Street SW, Suite M
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Email Contacts:
For registration questions or problems:

For feedback or questions about the book:

For questions about private appointments:

For Message Board questions:

For all other general questions:

Submit Your Healing Stories

Submit your Matrix Energetics healing stories here for consideration in Dr. Bartlett's next book or for use on our website or newsletter (for the stories in this category you would have to agree to have your name and city on the story if we use it. Note: For those who do not want to use your name to post an anonymous healing story please use the public message board. Register as a new user or log in to post).

Email it to

Media contact for Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy

If you would like to schedule an interview, in-store appearance, or any other type of publicity event, please contact Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy's publicist:

Telephone: (800) 269-9513, Extension 5

Speaking or interviewing on behalf of Matrix Energetics®

Only Dr. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy (or their designated representative) are authorized to speak on behalf of Matrix Energetics®. Certified Practitioners or previous seminar attendees are not permitted to represent Matrix Energetics in the following: public venues, such as conferences, expos, booksellers, healing facilities, and learning centers; print media, such as magazines, newsletters, journals, and newspapers; broadcast media, such as TV, terrestrial or online radio programs; the internet, including social networking sites.

Promoting your Matrix Energetics® practice in the media and online

*You may send calendars and event listings to media in your area for event you schedule. You may not send calendar and event listings to local media for upcoming Matrix Energetics® seminars. You may participate in interviews and feature articles in the promotion of your practice, but the core or substance of the article must not be about Matrix Energetics®.

* While we strongly encourage linking to, you may not repost Matrix Energetics® copyrighted material to social networks without prior permission. For example, it is okay to link from your blog or Facebook profile seminar descriptions from the website, but you should not copy the full text onto a personal site or Web page.

*The use of Matrix Energetics logos, images, or photography is not permitted without express written permission.

If you receive any questions from the media regarding Matrix Energetics, you should direct them to the publicist for Matrix Energetics, at (800) 269-9513, Ext. 5 or

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