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Matrix Energetics Research
Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP)

PIP is a revolutionary computer imaging system which uses a digital video camera interfaced with a unique computer software developed by the brilliant English scientist Harry Oldfield. Pictures are taken and processed by the computer so we can see the energy field as a series of patterns on a color monitor. Each color represents an interplay of continually oscillating frequencies.

Our body is the physical manifestation of an energy field, which records everything that has happened to us in our lifetime, including accidents, illnesses, stress, etc. If this field is not cleared and balanced, we can develop an imbalanced energetic expression and this can cause disruption at many levels of our being compromising our vital life force. This may be a precursor to the development of physical or emotional symptoms which if left unchecked could lead to the development of pain or illness.

With the PIP scan technology we are able to energetically assess the energy field of a person and literally see blocks, leakages, and areas of inflammation or depletion in the field. The PIP technology is not of course a replacement for conventional medical diagnostic procedures and is never used as such, however it can often illuminate hidden factors in a difficult case.Dr. Richard Bartlett is one of only two practitioners in the United States who are certified to use the PIP scan technology.

It is often used in the office setting as a real time visual aid to confirm whether or not the outcome of a therapeutic endeavor has been successful. The PIP technology provides a way to objectively assess where the client's symptoms may be originating from and whether or not the results of treatment have properly addressed the area of concern and been successful.

Since all scans are saved to the computer it is a simple matter to check on subsequent sessions if the treatment is holding and where to focus next. This ability to see what normally cannot be visualized has been invaluable in the continuing research and development of the Matrix Energetics protocols.

Case Study 1

This scan took me completely by surprise. It clearly shows that some major irritation or inflammation is occurring in the bronchial region. The patient had made no references to symptoms in the chest area at this office visit. She proceeded to tell me that she had been on a nature hike two weeks ago in an area, which is inhabited by bears. She was carrying a bear repellent pepper spray in her hand just in case of a surprise encounter when she suddenly tripped over a log accidentally discharging the contents into the air just as she breathed in. She had been experiencing some breathing difficulties since the event but had not connected them with the incident because she has an asthmatic condition present from childhood. The PIP here illustrates her condition even though she had not informed me that she was experiencing any symptoms in the bronchial area at that time.

Here is the post treatment scan taken in the office on the same day. Note the absence of red coloration clearly visible in the previous scan. The purplish blue color denotes a much healthier energy pattern and strongly suggests an improvement in the patient's condition. Indeed she remarked to me that the tightness in her chest was completely gone and her breathing was much more relaxed.

Case Study 2

This PIP scan is the clearest example of a person experiencing a headache that I have ever seen with this technology. Note the very intense almost angry red color, which surrounds her entire head and neck. This is a picture of misery. In fact the patient told me that she had been experiencing pounding head pain for the last two days which nothing she took seemed to help.

Truly we see here why a picture can be worth a thousand words. Can you tell by the energies seen around her that the headache is virtually gone and her energy has greatly improved. This is one of the best examples of what the Matrix Energetic frequencies can accomplish. This post PIP speaks for itself. Note the presence of yellow, light green, and pink: these colors may possibly be associated with Matrix Energetics as they are present in many post treatment scans.

Case Study 3

This scan shows what the energetic presentation of upper back pain looks like. You can see a pattern of red energy in the upper thoracic area of the back. This spot pictured exactly corresponded to the location of this patients pain.

Here is the post scan taken after what amounted to only several minutes of treatment with the Matrix Energetics procedure. The red energy has been moved out of the site and correspondingly the clients pain is completely gone. This PIP nicely demonstrates what the usual response is when Matrix Energetics is utilized. No manipulations or other body work protocols were utilized. The results in this case were immediate and long lasting.

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