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matrix energetics practitioner certification faqs - outside north america

how many seminars do i need to attend in order to become a matrix energetics practitioner?
you must attend two complete level 1 and level 2 (l1/l2) seminars within one year of taking the practitioner certification training workshop.

can i attend pc certification during my first matrix energetics seminar?
yes. matrix energetics practitioner certification training is offered in select countries around the world. you may attend the pc certification, which runs concurrent to l1/ l2 even if you have never attended a prior seminar. upon completion of your first seminar and the pc training, you will then have one year to complete your requirements. this includes attending your second l1/l2 seminar.

your second matrix energetics seminar may be attended anywhere at any time throughout the year as long as space permits. at your second seminar, you are eligible for the repeat seminar discount. it is not necessary to notify matrix energetics that you are attending your second seminar to complete your pc requirements. we have this record. it is important to document your seminar attendance in your pc journal for submission once you have finished your requirements.

in addition to completing two seminars, what else is required to complete this certification process?
you must complete 60 practice sessions/ hours within one year of attending your practitioner certification class. these sessions can be broken out or delineated as you deem useful. it is suggested that you allow for matrix energetics to move through you via different methods of practice (in-person, distance, etc.)

matrix energetics recommends the following structure to optimize your training experience. however, it is ultimately your choice in how you wish to fulfill the 60 hour/session requirement. these are recommendations or suggestions only!

simply and concisely document 60 sessions/ hours of matrix energetics practical experience and you will fulfill your obligation to this requirement.

please note that the terminology of hours and sessions are often interchangeable when referring to matrix energetics. the session is done when it is done. hours are generally applicable when referring to teleconferences and study groups, as they typically meet in two-hour increments.

may i count my seminar attendance toward the 60 session /hour requirement?
if you have attended more than the required two level 1/level2 seminars, you may apply up to 8 hours of any additional seminar attendance toward your certification. the 8 hours can be derived from l1/l2, l 3 or l4. however, no more than 8 hours of seminar training time can be applied toward the 60 session/ hour requirement.

if i attend the special official me study groups offered during practitioner certification training, may i apply those hours toward my certification?
during pc training, you will have the opportunity to earn additional certification hours which count toward the completion of your requirements. please document in your journal which study groups or forums you attended, the number of hours earned, a brief synopsis of what was covered as well as what you received as a result of participating in the event.

how long do i have to complete my requirements?
you will have one year from the date of your certification course to complete the requirements. if extenuating circumstances require you additional time, please email matrix energetics at: we support the human experience and sometimes life gets in the way.

what do i need to do to maintain my certification each year?
in order to maintain active certification status with matrix energetics, you must attend one complete l1 /l 2, level 3 or level 4 each year. you will be responsible for maintaining this requirement and notifying matrix energetics accordingly. failure to maintain this minimum requirement will result in revocation of active pc status, including but not limited to removal of the practitioner certification bio on the me website.

where do i send my journal?
when you have successfully documented your 60 sessions/ hours in your journal, please email you may either email your journal or mail your journal to the address that will be provided at that time. please note that matrix energetics is unable to return journals sent by mail. therefore it is recommended that you prepare your journal in an economic notebook. you may photocopy your journal if you wish to retain the original for your personal and professional records.

how should the journal be formatted? documentation should be simple and concise. please include a cover page indicating full name, specific seminars attended with date, pc class attended and a brief summary of your hours.

cover sheet example:

documentation for each session in journal should include:

what else is required to complete the certification process, once i have submitted my journal?
upon receipt of your completed journal documenting all requirements have been met, matrix energetics will send you the official matrix energetics practitioner certification agreement which will require your signature. once this signed document is returned to the matrix energetics office, you will be sent your certificate of completion, as well as the link to create your bio on the website. at that time, you will also be able to market yourself as a matrix energetics certified practitioner, utilizing the matrix energetics logo on your business cards and marketing materials.

once i am certified, why do i need to return once per year to retake a seminar?
matrix energetics is an ever-changing evolving consciousness technology. dr. bartlett, his teachings and the morphic field of me are also constantly changing. in order for the practitioner to maintain congruity with the current teachings of matrix energetics and to maintain certification, it is required that practitioners attend a minimum of one seminar per year.

is there a pc discount?
the cost for the practitioner certification is $500. if you wish to attend pc certification a second time for a different experience, you are eligible for a repeat discount. the cost to repeat is $300.

is level 3 or level 4 required for pc certification?
at the present time, level 3 and level 4 are not required for certification.

how long does it take to receive my certificate of completion once i have met my requirements and submitted my journal?
please allow up to 4 weeks to receive official notification that you have certified and approximately 4-6 weeks to receive your certificate of completion. most often you will receive an approval letter within the first few weeks of submitting your journal. upon notification, we will send you the link to create your bio so it may be posted on the matrix energetics website.

when am i able to use matrix energetics marketing materials?
once you have submitted your completed journal, signed the me certified practitioner's agreement and receive official notification that you are approved as a certified practitioner, you may use the matrix energetics logo on your marketing and promotional materials. at this time you are eligible to market your services as a matrix energetics certified practitioner.

i am interested in interning/ staffing at a future seminar. how do i apply to staff a seminar?
the internship program is only offered at seminars conducted in north america. there is no internship option for seminars offered outside of the united states and canada.