hello dear friends and family are in the matrix,
i pray you all had a fabulous day of giving thanks and expressing your love and affection for those in your lives.... i've been busy with my matrix flow bodywork practice and having phenomenal experiences since last posting. I'm working with two lovely chiropractors who i am hoping will eventually come to a seminar and learn this for themselves...a few of my clients have had extraordinary results and their specialists have come to check out what I am "doing". I love what justice says about just being a door for the ocean of posiibilities. the more I dive into That as MYself, the more expansive and Aware I am Becoming. the more I can surrender INto the heart, that love just flows from one as easily as the Breath and the pulsation of Life ITSELF. that is when the miracles and magic show up.... and I am immersed within the bliss of it....laughing in de light or quietly weeping in awestruck splendor at the beauty of the one with whom I am playing in Love.

i am so grateful for richard and mark offering of themselves so that we might remember...

I am a little teapot, short and stout,
love pours in and love pours out.

so lets be reverently irreverent and have some Fun!!! not to be taken Seriously!!!

Hi dr. jen - two pointing you to that great Universal real estate brokereage presenting you with the perfect buyer for your Office NOW! hear the cheers for touchdown # 1!
hi steve webcyber - are ya comin round the mountain? cock a doodle doo, the rooster got you up early in the mornin catchin the eagle vison version of a red eye
flight to seattle.... hop to - See you there! touchdown #2! cheerleaders showin off those fancy pants again!

patkam - hi darlin, funny girl barbara striesand showing up wearing cowgirl gear - boots and gauchos, hat and packin a pair of huge pistols - maybe more like mae west haulin those heavies around! these are for your man, she says with a drawl and now don't get jealous cause here come a flurry of frequencies just for that Holy HEart of His..then she hops a freight train heading back in time 15, goes into the General store to get him a new pair of leggins. instead she gets him a whole new suit f9, 15, 4,7,12, 17, 19 20 &27 infusing the wrappings as he puts on the gift. with a twinkle she turns into tinkerbell and poofs away with fairy dust swirling around both of you.... ciss boom bah, rah rah rah!!!

hi susanD = family fun! fleur de lis the family tree, unity in trinity, infinity. past present future ONE - clear! harmonize. balance response - ability with affinity, purpose and clarity. Understand the ONE Reflection of YOU in many mirrors... much love and support - f22 archangels Light the path...blessed Be..

mooneagle - feel no fret feet! been dancing to the street beat? hey, you sure your not john travolta dancing the celestial sound of joy into pancha mamma? the bear from the" Jungle book" singing the wherever you wander, wherever you roam song and scratching his back on a big tree is coming to play with you in your dreams tonight!

togdenma -hello dear one! whats' got you singing the blues? lets take a deeper look darling sister... Miss Align - several microadjustments through your thoracic spin and into cervicals - heart and head. occ cat 1, trauma harmonic, no regrets - regress - time traveling prenatal memes through stargate # 5 - have a nice trip and dontcha be comin round her no more! ya hear! southern baptist belle fashion show with big hoops and hats. clear waters revival and some old fashioned gospel tunes! oh sweet lord oh my lord, lets go down to the river to pray and wash those ideas of sin away! not yours love, f 19,20, 21, 22....BIG ASSIST assissi is easy
now starting to giggle - lot of joy - great balls of fire, f17. 0 into the ocean of love i 'm melting away , hey hey! yea yea! other cosmic beings joining in the Play for highest benefit......sashay sashay sat yum mam.....

penjudith... tigers & lilies spa, clears the fear, safron and sulpher, ayurvedic essences flying into your system on hanumans army f7, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20,21.....they all want to dance with you! we'll just borrow that disco ball from john up above and see you clean, clear, and charged with chard swiss variety, mendocino seaweed cured in native redwood forest in new moon, wheatgrass colonics are an awesome treat.. i m plant also the ideas of freedom from the game...

green eggs and Ham? said sam I am.. here's your drs advice,.... should you choose to accept this mission. . read cat in the hat x2 and call me in the morning! dr. seuss with grouch marx glasses! sweet pees pancreatic clear endocrine balance restore...

arthur -the archer right on target with arrows of light - illuminate the pineal with great insight and awaken to no thing to do..buddhic realm embodied, thunderbolt vajra third eye and heart, great sword of truth of your arthurian namesake to cut through obstructions to your natural radiant brilliance. sacred symbols and sigils, and max the crystal skull downloads available for you to bring in at the time you wish....great scot, batman, he's wearing a cape just like yours! have Fun Brilliant One!

sweet dreams, much love and delighted giggles in the Matix, tati.