thank you svelty,
here goes for us-band ... immediately an archetype comes up for one of alex grays' art pieces called sophia - check out his website for a picture.. basically its' an invitation to open his many varied eyes ( many I is ). scanning through his energetic system, hmmm.... a window opening up to another reality where he is a practicing mage - bringing a dvd of that particular reality and installing for instant upload into the pineal. his effortless integration of these skills and ablilities to complememt your own will assist you to feel more connected with him and happier overall. freq 5,9,11,16 - 22, modules-connect to source, one I call crista galli, pineal activation. ( his dreams tonight are vivid and colorful and blissful.)

ok, now mom -- ooohhh, some wizard of oz scene of the wicked witch of the west melting as you pour buckets of warm water full of mini dolphins over her head - here comes the un con troll able fits of giggles as she puddles into the floor - now she is rising up as the good fairly helping cinderella get to the ball on time!
it feels like her back hurts from the strain of carrying all that heavy weight - let's lift that burden off her shoulders so her spine can straighten out and she can be comfort able in her body.
Giving her a wonderful relaxing massage in warm water helping her to release her own birth trauma and any she may have experienced with you, feeling a cranial pattern release and inviting some of the modules -trauma harmonic, field repair kit, intrusions be gone, tmj release, cervical spine and pelvic torsion releases, spine align, occ cat 1, nutrition module, homeopathic remedies and lots of flowers... just to remind her how much she is loved and appreciated. freq. 5, 11, 15, 7, 19, 9, 21, 22. ariel is showing up as the singing mermaid - maybe inviting her into the warm water and dance - any aquarobics classes nearby???
daddy-o... hmm, where is he? aha -lets play hide n seek!
frequency 21 right away - soul retreival - catch me if you can!?
oh thats a big cry for Help - I may need extras for this movie -- lets invite the big guns to assist...bugs bunny, wileY coyote and tweety bird.. time traveling back now 40 -over hills and dales, hunting quail, ah there he is - sitting quietly and staring into the lake of mystery. wizard of oz stuff coming up again - follow the yellow brick road - the path paved with good intentions turned into mud and he lost his way. tweety is flying now to sit on his shouder and whispering sweet no things in his ear and starting to whistle an old tune your dad loves. a popular one from the 40s - there is great power in joyful music - although this one seems more poignant/romantic?
feeling drawn now to his physical structure ( remember that roger rabbit scene - I'm not Real ly bad I'm just drawn that way..)
knees, low back, hamstrings contracted - just giving hot packs to warm and soften, then lomi-lomi massage to remind the body of effortless energetic flow, gluteal release, sacrum realign spine, cat 1 release (cat o nine where did you come from?), coccyx dural module, was your dad in a warzone? maybe his parents.. release! trauma harmonic and post traumatic stress release..freq 7 10 15 endocrine balance lift depression, 22 - michaels flaming sword cutting through all THAT bull!!!
come back to your heart and center - core radiance reemerging...freq 20 I adore you - brilliant crystalline fractals and bubbles of sunshine, ok - here come the fireworks, that rocket is returning to earth and settling in.. doors opening and doves flying out.... there he is... welcome him with loving arms - he needs a big Hug..
I see the four of you now, all as a family, high on a hill having a picnic - then you all get up and start rolling down the hill, all giggling like little children and fall together in a puppy pile. .. remembering in de light. Sweet Dreams love, blessed be.