Hi Will, Congratulations on the constant comment!

Lovely! this is what I want to do now on global levels!

Initially sent out emails of introduction to over 100 Sothebys agents,( because I read somewhere that Sothebys was cornering around 30% of the global luxury r.e. market) received 3 replies that were encouraging.
Thank You! You are providing me a wonderful opportunity to play! I wasn't initially interested to become a real estate agent now, but I am remembering that in my early 30s it was a rocket of desire. so perhaps the time is NOW. Anyway, lets Play!

I have done a few sessions..What I did was to observe the whole..the physical property, the people attached to it(owners, realtors, ancestral,etc. and asked the property how it would like to be best utilized and loved.) Just like a person.

This is what I did. For example
1) Looked at Sotheby's real estate website and set parameters of the price points. (two points)
2) Then noticed which properties attracted my attention
3) Dropped down into the heart, appreciated all unique qualities
4) Connect with the Stream of Information
5) Notice who.. what.. where.. when.. why and how (matrix play)
6) observe the changes.
7) Celebrate and give thanks!

Do you have a goal set in mind?