hiyah maiyah,
feelin some mirror resonance...resentments Rx Be here now!
hmm ok...lets play in the light of love for all...3 musketeers showing up again, pointing their swords to the sky..taking apart a word that is only a re-present-ative of a set of symptoms....lie..me.

taking this opp.or.tune.ity to let go of old patterns of grudges turning into budges & bugs, eating up the dirty bandages around the throat of expression.... seeing the great kilauea volcano erupting a projectile ...hot lava flow of letting it all go...
see me, feel me, touch me....that song is coming into the myst
of forgiveness and sweet rock a bye bye, billy...

just letting the words flow and say what you need to say

the flow of forgiveness arising from the great ocean of grace..let your heart open, let all spill out and let the rain of salty tears wash you clean...

the light of the awakened blue body being, appearing as medicine buddha pouring into all thee and me turning into the f7 f14, in a frosty glass of cool lemon master cleanse. opalescent fire within vortexs of zeolite powder ..f19,20,21 and archangels assisting with a past print preview.review...see new view.
a spinal fluid pulsation wave adjustment for dad.
mom chasing dad out of the kitchen with a big fry pan..
grief melting away and turning into laughing gold waters that are nourishing a newly planted veggie garden with cheerful sunflowers around the borders.
The Great C Sea and some dolphin love for we..Whee!
Be Wheel....
love ya,