Hi: I'm doing some networking for an holistic health center that I'm putting together. I'm looking for an energy worker who would like to play. I'm in Roane County, WV in the Mid-Ohio Valley region.

I'm opening up a healthy foods store in a house and I'd like to rent a couple of rooms out to holistic practitioners. There is nothing like this in my area which is in the country in the "Bible Belt" and people around here pretty much don't know what matrix energetics/holistic/energy medicine/reiki,etc. means. The kids around here are starved for some excitement so I'd love to do some fun workshops that will expand their minds.

I got inspired to bring in organic foods at decent prices after talking to people and finding out that most don't think they can afford organic foods because the health foods stores are so expensive. I started doing some research and found that I could be 5th down the line of distributors. No one seems to care about this so I went on a quest to find producers who sell direct. Boy, that wasn't easy but I'm finding some really cool people along the way. I'm also excited to support the local growers and encourage farmers to go organic. I want them to set up their booths in the yard. We have farmer's markets but they're only open 1-2 days/week. I'm doing a commercial kitchen and want to create a frozen food label so none of our local goodies go to waste. Will do an herb garden for the pickin' and have a seed bank for trading.

If you'd like to help co-create this dream, please email me for more details.

Blessings, El

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