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I wanted to share something very important and very useful. It's called the 40 Day Redesign. This is a completely FREE program for anyone who wants to re-design their life's architecture so that they may enjoy vibrant health, abundance, fulfillment of their desires, and inner fulfillment. This program is being offered for free because most people on the planet need it. I need it, too -- I have signed up. I am 100% certain that your newsletter subscribers will find this immensely useful and fun.

The 40 Day Redesign Program is created by spiritual teacher Bentinho Massaro. But this program is for everyone, regardless of their interest in spirituality (or lack thereof). People from all walks of life, all over the world, will be a part of this. Please send this message out immediately to everyone you know because there is a live start-off event on Sunday, Sept. 24, at 11 am Pacific Time. It is okay if people arrive after this live event. There will be a recording available and people may still participate. But I think live events are more fun so I didn't want anyone to miss out. (Although it is a live event on Sept. 24, people all over the world can tune into the live stream for free -- all they need is an internet connection).

The 40 Day Redesign Program (free of charge) website:


Bentinho Massaro's main website:


I would like to share the YouTube video which I discovered in July of 2015. This is how I found out about this awesome spiritual teacher, and the profound wisdom that he shares is MIND-BLOWING! You will never see life in the same way again; I guarantee that. Here it is: http://bit.ly/2xouMZW

And a summary of the Netherlands Retreat that I went to... I still have happy tears remembering that event. Beautiful! Here is the summary: http://bit.ly/2xAnF2q

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