Yesterday morning I wanted to take a bath and wash my hair. No water came out of the tap! I had an appointment at three in the afternoon. It had been really hot since many days. I two pointed the tap, let go and called the plumber. His wife said her husband (the plumber) would be home for lunch and she'd ask him. But it's summer holiday... Half an hour later the plumber was here to just have a look and then come back the next day to fix the problem with a new faucet if necessary. He checked the faucet and said with a broad smile: you have to say good bye to this one and accidentally I have a new one in the car! He went to the car, came back with the new faucet and installed it. Within half an hour the water was running again!! and I went as soignée as you please to the appointment. So much fun with ME and TP!!! Thank you Richard and Melissa \:D