Kel and I went to the Unplugged last month in Seattle and also the Field Trip there...and just got back from the Fundamentals and Unplugged in Albuquerque...I got to tell you the info keeps changing, refining and upgrading.

Boy...we keep getting blown away by how much this info is changing from month to month and how grand the morphic field of M.E. is becoming.

Richard and Melissa are constantly learning and receiving downloads and sharing it with us. Thank you both for your generous, loving teachings...and thank you beloved Field of All Possibilities!!!

The Fundamentals also has greatly changed...more info from the advanced levels keeps coming in.

Keep playing everyone...let's get this M.E. Field so huge that we become like J.P. Farrell, manifesting fantastic visible and easy change, living continually in the Field of the Heart.


Young T.
Certified M.E. Practitioner