(Just Arrived)
12/18/17 12:28 PM
Knee Pain

I have experienced chronic knee pain since July. I have workout 6 days a week for 20+ years and all of sudden have bad knee pain with zero injury. The symptoms seem to be arthritic in nature by I know it runs much deeper than this being a student of frequency intelligence. Does anyone have any suggestions that will remedy? Thanks so much! Jeff

Pleiadian Dreams
(Growing ME)
12/24/17 09:50 AM
Re: Knee Pain

Whats been helping me - doing figure 8'sover my knees, 2 pointing either side of my knee, imagining my knee as a ball of light, DMSO, magnets, doing the hokey-pokey where you swivel your knees to the left then right - I realized I don't normally work them out this way.

I hope this helps.

(ME Grand High Pooh-Bah)
03/14/18 11:54 AM
Re: Knee Pain

Picture your body as a cartoon character.
Notice the color of the discomfort in your knee.
Imagine what color would neutraluze it.
Take your magic wand and tap the knee changing the color.
This works because it's fun and theres less of a charge on nor healing a cartoon person.
Healing people is freaking serious. 😊