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02/22/14 02:04 PM
Healing power?

Are there actually people out there with the power to heal with energy?

(ME message board member)
04/27/14 11:34 AM
Re: Healing power?

I believe so. We are all energy fields. If a smile can make a person feel good in time of their need, so can the energy contained in us. The smile itself derived from energy or the vital force or the source, whatever we call it.

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09/03/14 03:55 AM
Re: Healing power?

Yes I think it's possible, otherwise Reiki healers won't exist or the power of visualization won't thrive for as long as it has among those who are open and aware of such alternative methods. I actually always hear about the visualization thing among psychics and those who meditate. This article explains how it is done: