(Growing ME)
03/14/20 11:16 AM
Seeing the 0707 angel number

Lately I've been seeing the number 0707 show up a lot. For example, I was preparing some lunch yesterday and noticed 0707 on the labels of products and then I saw it again in a magazine. Didn't think too much of it until I went into town (I was on the job) and noticed the number 0707 on the side of a building(note this all happened within 24 hours). I think this is too coincidental to not be anything. I've been reading up about this number and apparently it's called angel number 0707

I do agree with some of the things I read about this number and I know that there is a lot more to numerology then it seems. Still I'm not sure if it's just my head making this a bigger deal then it should be or not. The site mentioned to be mindful of your dreams if you keep seeing 0707 and lately I have been having some strange dreams. They aren't nightmares but just dreams of the past. Like I'm reliving the bad moments of my life through these dreams. It feels terrible because I wake up very depressed when this happens. So, what are your thoughts on numerology? Is it legit? and should I be concerned?