(Matrix Energetics addict)
11/23/17 01:36 AM

Hi all
I would like to request help on frequencies. My mom over 70 suffers constipation chronically, and it is a family thing.
You can play as you like but I myself only invest my time and get result from frequencies use almost exclusively. Can you guys tell me which ones would you use for this issue?
Also, she get cases of a low blood pressure - which frequencies do you see I can use?

(ME Grand High Pooh-Bah)
05/22/18 01:40 PM
Re: Frequencies

I see things as colors and say what color is needed to change that color into the one desired. Colors are frequencies. I could translate colors into frequencies but so could you. The color I see here is dark red. The colors that want to change that color are gold and orange and coral. If I connected the dark red color bubble to the other color bubbles that would get things moving. Let me know if that helped. \:\)