(ME journeyman)
01/30/15 10:45 AM
Question about dropping into the heart space?

Please forgive me for ssounding silly but this is the only way I can seem to do this. Can you tell me if it will do? I imagine im on a really high kamakazi water slide. I push myself down and zip down to the bottom and imagine myself in my heartspace. The elevator thing doesnt work for me because I stay in my head. What do you think?

(ME Grand High Pooh-Bah)
01/30/15 02:50 PM
Re: Question about dropping into the heart space?

Dear GFH123,

It does not matter what we think...if you feel it works for you go with that. There are many ways to drop into heartspace. Find the one that resonates with you and use it.

You will know you are there when you feel nothing...hear will be an empty expansive place.

I have clients connect to their breath and follow their exhale down into their chest...or wherever it lands.

Trust what you are led to do and works for the Field of All Possibilities and let go of "Am I doing this right?". When you question if you are doing it right, you take yourself out of the field of the heart.

Be playful and unattached...okey dokey?

Young T.