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08/17/14 11:28 AM
paralell universes

I'm a little confused on the journey of parralèles universe. Did I not understand? Knowing that they are innumerable, how to find them? RB account 1.2.3 .... So how do I count? Is there a limit?

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08/20/14 10:51 AM
Re: paralell universes

There are a lot of ways you can access parallel universes, in fact, the more creative you get with finding a way you like, the more effect you may get!

One way is to simply calibrate, or count, how many parallel universes are available at the moment that are useful. This measurement in itself gives you greater access to that information, enough to create powerful shifts. If you are kinestetic (or even if you are not!), you can use your hand and/or fingers to help you count. Or maybe a number pops into your head. Whatever works best for you at the time.

If you like playing with visual things, you might flip through possible parallel universes like cards in a rolodex (I saw one of those in the trash last week, I don't know how many of those are still around in this computer age). When you find a scene or combination of scenes that you like, notice what you can about them.

One method of exploring parallel universes I came up with during a seminar once, is to picture a hydrogen atom. The simplest of atomic structures, it has one proton and one electron orbiting somewhere in the cloud around it. I then two point the electron from where it was to where it is; if even one atom in a system changes then everything is shifted. There are an infinite number of locations this electron can be, each defining a parallel universe, so there are plenty of choices!

Hopefully, this gets you started...

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08/21/14 09:25 AM
Re: paralell universes

It helps a lot thank you \:\)

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11/24/14 02:17 PM
Re: paralell universes

 Originally Posted By: manou74
I'm a little confused on the journey of parralèles universe. Did I not understand? Knowing that they are innumerable, how to find them? RB account 1.2.3 .... So how do I count? Is there a limit?

Sometimes I see layers of light.
Then it's down to what layer catches my eye.
In a way you in that universe knows you in this one are looking for yourself.
You can communicate with yourself.
There is always windows too as a means to access parallel universes and or realities.
Those absolutely work and they're easy and fun.

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12/15/14 08:09 AM
Re: paralell universes

From Cathy Hazel Adams, C.P. -
There are no limits to the number of probable (incipient possible) realities and probable experiences within those realities. You can call in an "entire" probable self, or just the needed sliver, or aspect, of one. I find it helpful to speak to clients in terms of other aspects or parts of themselves, to leave open what those parts are, and I always trust the field to present exactly what is needed. I don't usually do any counting - I let the field show me the best way to perceive the aspects. When I first started, //Univ presented to me as giant colored Chiclets (squares of hard candy coated chewing gum), positioned around the client. Now, 3 1/2 years later, I sometimes see the deck-of-cards image, sometimes counting through dimensions shows up, sometimes aspects present as a cloud or mass of color, and sometimes, it's still "chiclets." Trust the field to "get out the crayons" and show you what's needed in a way you can see it.

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01/13/15 07:50 AM
Re: paralell universes

There are infinite parallel universes.

One method I find works for me is to assume that the universe which contains the most useful, relevant information has positioned itself immediately in front of my hand (all our percetions of time and space are illusory. I do not need to move myself physically to find it, only tune in with intent). So when I feel with my hand for a window for a parallel universe, the right one presents itself just there, right where I can find it.

The same method works for time travel, when you are trying to find the root of a pattern somewhere in time. You need to let go of the need to know specifically when that may be - whether in a past life or this one or in the future - as that really doesn't matter. Sometimes I know where it is, sometimes I don't - the result is equally useful either way.

Another good way to locate parallel universes and points in time is to see them as a fan of cards, like playing cards, laid out in front of you. Simply reach out and pick the one that attracts your attention. It will be the one you need.

The benefit of these methods over counting (1, 2, 3... etc. for parallel universes, and backwards or forwards by age in the case of time travel) is that you go directly to the most useful pattern (in the case of parallel universes) or directly to the source of the pattern (in the case of time travel). This is especially beneficial because sometimes I have found that there may be several parallel universes close to one another which each have a helpful pattern for whatever issue I am working on, however, only one of those will be optimum, and I can immediately (through intent) locate exactly that best one.

And in the case of time travel, where the same unhelpful pattern has raised its head lifetime after lifetime, or repeated over and over in this one, these methods enable you to jump straight to the source point, the moment of the very first trigger for the pattern you have been carrying throughout. And that's the only real way to clear it - to find the initial pattern rather than get caught up in one or other recurrences of the pattern along the way.

Whether counting or feeling your way, whichever method pops into your head in the moment will be the right one.

Please ask if you feel this needs further clarification.

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02/23/15 12:26 PM
Re: paralell universes

What is the difference between a parallel and alternate universe?