J Zee
(ME journeyman)
06/14/14 12:00 AM
Opening a semi-closed heart

Hello All!

I've been to many ME Seminars. ME is great!
I would like to ask for help from you.
I think/feel that I've been living my life with a closed heart.
I love to help people. I enjoy enhancing other people's lives.
It seems that I can give love. I shut my heart for receiving for some reason. I do not understand. May be it has to do with a not being worthy belief. May be it has to do with not deserving belief. It could be because I got hurt while receiving love (My mother died when I was 2 years old). I don't really know. Could you please help me get my heart open to receiving, please. Thank You very much for your help. I love you all.
J Zee (my name is Jose, I live in Bakersfield, CA)

Pat Gurnick
(Growing ME)
03/04/16 07:43 AM
Re: Opening a semi-closed heart

I am a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitoner (since 2008),
Pat Gurnick from Boulder, Colorado http://www.CaringCounselor.com

Opening The Heart

I suggest you imagine a hologram of yourself standing in front of you. Put one hand on the hologram's front of the heart and one hand on the back. Imagine you can see into the heart and can put your hand through the skin to feel the heart. Is it small? Are the pin holes? Is it cold or hot? What color is it? Are their pieces missing or torn? Thin or thick wall? Notice what you notice. Than, 'Two point' the heart and drop into the heart the frequencies you sense the heart needs (from Matrix Energetics Experience kit's Frequency cards) - intention to let go of the trauma and create new neuropathways in your brain to safety and nurturing. Energetically connect the frontal lobes to the heart, put one hand on your heart and one hand on your forehead, see a silk strand connecting the two (or two point), which somatically creates safety in the body. Visualize the heart healing and getting full, pink/red, juicy, high frequency, beating gently. You don't need to go into old 'story'. Yet create a new one that states you are Loved and Receive Love easily and Joyfully, with a module that includes Safety, Nurturing, Joy, Peace, and Easily Receiving Love. Drop the module into your heart, installing and activating that program, and notice how you feel. Also, find yourself in another parallel reality where you are open hearted, receiving Love, and bring that copy of you into your hologram. Let them rewire. Than take that hologram and place into your body, front to back. Notice what you feel. Notice what you notice.
Relax the rest of the day as best you can, hydrate, be gentle on yourself.
See how you feel in a few days.

(ME Grand High Pooh-Bah)
12/15/16 09:31 AM
Re: Opening a semi-closed heart

Great answer and play Pat.