(Just Arrived)
02/24/14 03:00 PM
2point, please

It seems that I am better 2 pointing for other people then for my self!
Please help, I have a lose tooth and do not have the money to go to the Dentist, plus other minor ailments. In a few weeks I will be interviewing for a job that will finally open-up, and I don't want to go with a gaping hole in my smile. I have been very depressed about this.
I know that this tooth can tighten-up and not fall out with some ones help.

Thank you so much for reading this.



(ME Grand High Pooh-Bah)
02/28/14 10:38 PM
Re: 2point, please

Dear JoZ,

Packing your tooth with a template of turmeric number 1008 and letting this choir of angels bring frequency 528 Hz into your field, body and mind...breathe. Relax. Let Go of Worry. \:\)

A shower of light turquoise descends into and around you.

Young T.