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12/13/19 06:04 AM
Incorporating healing methods-Reiki & 2 points

Are there healers who have combined the two?

Kay SassaniAdministrator
(ME message board member)
03/09/20 07:47 AM
Re: Incorporating healing methods-Reiki & 2 points

Sherazade999, There are many, many healers who combine more than one, and sometimes several, modalities.

If you are specifically looking for a practitioner who is certified in both Matrix Energetics and Reiki, unfortunately we don't have a system to search for that in our listing. You may have to just look for it or call any practitioner you feel drawn to and ask. It might also help to keep in mind that an ME practitioner can actually access Reiki and expertise in Reiki through some of the tools we use, particularly through templates.