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10/18/15 04:27 AM

Hi my friends,
can yo give me some informations about "portals"? Where is the difference between "windows-dimensions-paralleluniverses-portals?"
Yes, I know,my left brain.....Whatever.... I want to know http://www.matrixenergetics.com/messageboard/images/icons/default/lightbulb.gif

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01/20/16 11:29 AM
Re: Portals

The only 'portals' I know are the holes above buildings which let in entities, energies, ghosties and ghoulies.

I used not to believe in all this nonsense; but my wife's therapist kept banging on about 'Geopathic Stress' in our house, undermining my wife's health.

So I got a pendulum, linked up to Source and Gaia and every Supreme Being, and asked that all harmful GS be removed cleared and then sealed in (20 years ago I did a Spiritual Response Course).

I muscle tested and - to my surprise - the Geopathics had gone.

I then did our therapist's house (at her request) and I had an urgent message from her next morning, saying to stop it, as 'all hell had been let loose' in her house during the night.

I then remembered that dodgy entities, energies, and discarnates are attracted to Geopathic Stress, so I cleared them. They had been disturbed by the 'distant' removal of Geo-pathic Stress lines.

I thought there was something else there in her house, so I thought it was time to call on a professional, and she found 14 disembodied spirits and two holes, or 'portals' which she closed, having rescued the lost souls.

Now I am a believer in 'portals', but there are probably other types of portals.

'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio.....'

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11/29/19 02:10 AM
Re: Portals

Agreed. Burning sea salt/Epsom salts in rubbing alcohol helps a ton. I usually burn salt and let sit in the doorways and dank areas. Portals can be anything-not just doors. Salt is key. Ever salt your mirrors? Huge portals.

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12/01/19 05:58 AM
Re: Portals

Energy cleansing with salt
Very easy to do.