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Fort Lauderdale Level 1 & 2 - March 2013

"I would like to say that the field of Matrix Energetics has changed my life. I have learned more than numerous years of therapy could have taught me about a way of being. Thank you Richard and Melissa. It is such a pleasure to learn even more from you again. ME is still evolving. I will be back!" --Lara Allison

"The demonstrations were fun, music was vibrant and motivating, and practice was absolutely key. The information was awesome and I loved having you both teach. I feel empowered and can change the universe, my life, and help others in amazing beautiful and loving ways. Thank you." --Brandi Cannon

Fort Lauderdale Level 3 - March 2013

"I learned how powerful I am. I loved the remote perception exercise and multiple selves." --Claire Merkle

"I love the practice sessions and the demos. I will be using this work in a deeper more expanded manner. This helped me resurface the magic of Matrix Energetics." --Anne Hornstein

Chicago Level 1 & 2 and Matrix Unplugged - March 2013

"Through the care of Richard and Melissa and the entire group of extraordinary individuals that I played with this weekend, I have rediscovered my true identity." -Paul Grenier D.C.

"The highlight of the seminar is the positive energy and the great interaction between Richard and Melissa. I discovered how much is possible with Matrix Energetics." - Gerry Brown

"The field is more versatile than I anticipated. There is no right or wrong way to work in the field; access what comes and go with it. My life will never be the same." - Bobbi Klebenow

"I really love the balance of Richard and Melissa. I learned how quickly things can happen. Thank you!" - Maureen Russo

Phoenix Level 1 & 2 - March 2013

"I love the simplicity of it all." -Joanie Johnson

"Thank you Richard and Melissa for sharing these very profound and life changing skills with with all of us. I am forever grateful." -Anke Sedmak

"I have a more positive outlook on life and am able to be more peaceful and more in touch with myself and able to provide myself with knowledge and health etc to help with school, relationships, and everyday life, and also snare positivity and peacefulness with friends and family." -Jennica Sedmak

San Francisco Level 1 & 2 - January 2013

"There are no words to explain how grateful I am to be part of the ME field. Matrix Energetics is so amazing and has forever changed my life...I am now free to be me." - Andrea Bonini

"I so appreciated the highlighting of the field of the heart and the clarity of the languaging about that throughout the entire seminar. I learned so much more clearly about the dynamics of the field of the heart and who we are in relation to it, and each other, as well as to the planet. This seminar will impact everything in my life across the board." - Ruth Hodges Ph.D

San Francisco Matrix Unplugged - January 2013

"Spatial clairvoyance- loved it!"

"This class was the ultimate. I have not only reached the mountain top but the peak. All of Unplugged was a highlight." - Sidney R. Saddler

"This seminar offers so many practical tools to change the way I perceive and interact with challenges and opportunities in my life." - Mary

Seattle Level 1 & 2 - December 2012

"The highlight of the seminar was to finally experience freedom from techniques. Also, I loved Richard and Melissa's manner of teaching. I now think anything is possible.". - Cornelia L. Wathen

"This seminar created an auspicious opening of my heart, my soul, my conscious and unconscious. This brought me "me" again. I was lost, and now I am found. Thank you from my heart." - Tricia Honey

Seattle Practitioner Certification - December 2012

"As a result of this training, I received support and validation that the Matrix Energetics field is working with me. I loved learning the new tools and the many practices as well as the clear guidelines for certification. This seminar has expanded me and is inspiring me to practice more." - DM

"I realize how much I love doing the distance work. I can't wait to play! I really feel the change and the "knowingness" that has opened up all the potentialities for my expansive life." - Barbara McCormack

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