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Questions About Matrix Seminars or Registration

Many visitors to our website have questions about our Seminars and the registration process. We have put together a list of frequently asked questions or Registration FAQs here.

Questions About Matrix Energetics

The following are a collection of frequently asked questions we recieve from visitors to our website, seminar attendees, and users in our message board community. We hope that the questions and answers provide you with further insight into the aspects and benefits of Matrix Energetics™.

Matrix Energetics™, Why that name?

(Dr. Bartlett). Matrix Energetics™ refers to the living crystalline energy that constitutes our bodies. Research biologist James Oschman, Ph.D. describes living systems in this way. Bones, fascia, connective tissue and even some of the supportive tissues in the brain are composed of a liquid crystalline substance. It is like a crystal on an old radio set. The interesting thing about crystals and crystal structures is they actually allow for what you call quantum phenomena. There is speculation that a quantum computer that incorporates organic technology and crystals could be built in the near future.

I call this work Matrix Energetics™ because I don’t believe that our physical bodies are the only reality. We basically are light and information – we’re patterns of energy. And that’s what the topnotch physicists have been saying for the past 50 years. Even if you believe that, it doesn’t have much significance in your daily life. BUT when you learn that you can actually heal someone’s conditions, transform their emotional state, or change their mental processes using Matrix Energetics™ new possibilities emerge. It is possible to change years-old injury patterns with a light touch and a specific process. Matrix Energetics™ utilizes the power of focused intent. Matrix Energetics™ can be learned, and in fact mastered by anyone.

What’s your goal with your work?

(Dr. Bartlett) My goal with this work is to teach as many people as I can how to have these perceptions and to do this because it’s very easy to learn. Mothers can help their children, families can have access to free health care that they have right at their own fingertips. Matrix Energetics™ is a powerful new tool any body worker can use to super charge whatever it is they’re already doing and to do it pretty much instantly.

Can anyone do this work?

(Dr. Bartlett) Matrix Energetics™ is available to everyone. In fact, the people who have the most difficulty learning this work are those who have the most degrees, they practice a materialistic state of awareness that does not allow for miracles. Its kind of like Peter Pan when Tinker Bell is dying and you have to believe in fairies to keep Tinker Bell alive. Once you are able to believe that a possibility other than what you’ d believed or experienced, to entertain that a new idea could be possible, you’ve entered into that quantum realm, where all things are possible.

Is that challenging for most people?

(Dr. Bartlett) Matrix Energetics™ is a lot of fun for most people. When they come to my seminars, they wind up wondering what’s real on Saturday. By Sunday they begin to think well, we’re not sure, but we don’t care because were able to do these things we’ve never imagined before. This is a lot of fun; lets do it some more. It’s necessary to be like a little child and know how to play and how to imagine. There is a great scene in the movie Hook, when Robin Williams plays the grown up Peter Pan. He is sitting down with the children, the Lost Boys, and they’re playing around the table at eating, they’re having a banquet. Peter Pan, because he grew up and let his imagination atrophy, is starved because he can’t imagine any food. He’s getting more and more frustrated. Finally, he starts to play and when he does, the whole table pops into view, filled with a wonderful assortment of food.

It’s like that once you start to play with the Matrix Energetics™ concepts. You begin to accept that your worldview could be big enough to contain ideas that allow for outcomes that appear miraculous. Several quantum physicists I’ve met are very much like children, in that they are willing to imagine a different reality than everybody else. They have the mathematics to support it and they have expanded their belief systems. Yet they can say this is the way reality must be, because the science and the math confirms that this is the way it must be!

Intent plays a big part in how your work is conducted. First, would you please define intent for us, how it is utilized in your system?

(Dr. Bartlett) Well, intent is the energetic foundation for manifesting the substance and structure of your beliefs into observable reality. You’ve never seen a house built without a blue print, and basically intent is your blue print to build that house. If you want to accomplish something, you first have to imagine it. Once you imagine it, then you conceptualize it, you actually see it happening, and then you take steps to actually do it. In Matrix Energetics™, we have a blue print called the Science Structure that we teach very simply, so that anyone can understand it. It’s a lot of fun. Once you understand some really basic principles you begin to realize that the ideas in quantum physics provide a very real gateway into a realm of possibility that allows for instantaneous healing, physical manifestation, and virtual transformation of every aspect of your life.

Once you understand the basics of Matrix Energetics™ you can apply them to the quantum laboratory we call the human body, see the intended changes happen, and decide for yourself whether it’s real or not. Once you do that, you now have crossed over the border between what you used to believe, and what you believe now. And once you do that, there is no limit to your imagination and what you can do. That doesn’t mean that, because you think you can, you should jump out of a building. That’s not a good idea; you’re trying to override a very powerful consensus reality. Find safe and simple things you can start with, that you thought were beyond your capability. I submit to you that you can do many other things that you have only dreamed.

So what do you perceive matter, physical reality to be?

(Dr. Bartlett) Well matter exists because we have thought it into existence and, there are so many of us holding the persistent delusion or reality that there is such a thing. We’ve made it up so well that we’ve made it physical – we have taken background cosmic energy, and transformed it with our awareness and consciousness into our experience of what we call our reality. But our reality is really what we create inside of our minds. Wayne Dyer talked about this in his new book “The Power of Intention.” He combines elements of quantum physics with Carlos Castaneda, a famous writer, philosopher and teacher who presented the teachings of Yaqui Indian Shaman Don Juan in his books.

Don Juan taught that we need to learn to See, not just look at things. He made the distinction that when you look at something, you’re looking at it through your perceptual filters – you’re seeing what you are taught to see, what you’ve been accustomed to seeing. When you actually See something, you look beyond the veil as it were and you start to apprehend or become aware of the energy patterns that make up that existence. Now that’s not to say in order to do this work you have to be able to do that – you don’t have to be clairvoyant. It is important that you embrace the concept that we all are energy and we’re really composed of this quantum stuff from which we co-create our objective experience of reality.

Do you have to believe for this to work?

(Dr. Bartlett) I have a cat story that speaks to this. I think cats only have two beliefs: they should be fed and they should be master of the household. A cat came in to my office that had a broken foreleg and it had not set properly – it was a kitten and it was having trouble walking on it. The cat had never met me, had never heard about Matrix Energetics™, and did not have expectations. I picked the cat up, held two points, one above the break and one below the break, just touching lightly for about 30 seconds, and then you heard this snap, the bone reset and then the cat was just purring and perfectly happy. When I came out a half hour later from working with the client, the cat was jumping off furniture with absolutely no problems. So the cat didn’t have any belief, not even an unconscious belief in what I do. It is not necessary to have a pre set notion that this will work, only to observe and be able to validate what did happen in your experience. You can believe me when I say the changes that occur are usually obvious, often dramatic, and easily observable by anyone.

Explain what you mean about time travel. How literally do you mean this thing about time travel?

(Dr. Bartlett) Well, it’s funny because you could say we’re making it all up and one of my mentors Dr. Richard Bandler says it’s okay if it’s a useful fiction. It may not be true but if it’s a good enough belief system that it works consistently I’ll take it. I mean this very literally, I can touch somebody’s body, feel tension in their body or pain or whatever you want to look for, travel backwards in time conceptually, and feel the change in their tissues under my hands when I get to the point where an injury actually occurred or a condition began. That doesn’t mean I believe that I can heal cancer or any disease. I don’t believe in healing, and I don’t believe in disease. I believe in transformation because healing and disease are two sides of the same coin.

You mention you like to use the word “transform” instead of healing, why?

(Dr. Bartlett) Healing is a very nebulous concept; what healing means to you might be completely different to me. It’s a very abstract term; disease is also an abstract concept. Disease to a scientist or to a medical doctor describes a set of symptoms and signs and clinical findings and laboratory tests that tell you that this collection of symptoms has been named to be this disorder. Just because you’ve named something to be this disorder, and you have this collection of symptoms, that in no way defines what that person has. We are not talking about the disease that has the person; we are talking about the person that has the disease. That’s why I said I don’t believe in disease. The disease Fibromyalgia for example; what does it mean? It means that there’s pain in the connective tissue and muscles, so what! That’s not a disease, it’s a description. Same thing with techniques or therapeutics, most therapeutics are tools that are designed to address a certain component of functional or pathological disorders. They are just some one’s thought/belief designed to address the components of the condition they are observing and attempting to “cure.”

You’re taking a concept of healing to address a concept of disease; you can call it treatment, you can call it therapy, and I prefer to call it gone. That’s not to say I’m so arrogant as to believe that would always be the case, but wouldn’t it be nice to believe that. Isn’t it more preferential to believe that you can transform in an instant rather than think that healing has to take time? Or that without pain there is no gain, that’s one I just love.

At the quantum level there are infinite amounts of energy in a very, very small amount of time. It cannot be observed, so we don’t know what it is. Physicist Richard Feynman said that perhaps the sub quantum world contains morality or composers or giraffes or whatnot, he didn’t really know. I think that’s where miracles happen, that’s where all the possibilities come together.

When you apply a miraculous sense or non-consensus reality approach to something that’s been construed to be a very physical condition a conflict arises. You run headlong into consensus reality; you run into codified beliefs about what disease or healing is.

Where does this transformation take place?

(Dr. Bartlett) Again, I believe it has to be at the energetic level where mind and matter meet, it’s where mind and matter are essentially the same. We’re talking about photons, light and information and that’s about all there is. I have to believe that transformation takes place on the sub molecular level, the quantum level. That’s where you get the effects of infinite energy and infinitesimally small amounts of time. Physicist Richard Feynman said you could have potentially anything occur in an infinitesimally small amount of time.

How does quantum physics fit into this work?

(Dr. Bartlett) There’s something called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. What that says, essentially, is you cannot observe a system without entering into that observation and therefore changing it. Scientifically, this means that if you look at something and attempt to measure its velocity, you lose track of its actual location. If you try and track its location, you lose the ability to measure its velocity. You can never actually measure both at the same time; you can observe one and change the other. I started to realize that, our consciousness is functioning at this quantum level to create* our reality all the time. The reality we get is what we accept, what we’ve been taught to believe.

There’re things like spontaneous remission. Miracles fall outside of the realm of linear physics, but quantum physics actually predicts miracles. We now have quantum physicists who are calling this unified field theory the mind of God. Gregg Braden has talked about this in-depth. If you are dealing with the mind of God, and you’re actually a functional part of that mind, you have access to that same awareness.

What do you mean when you talk about filters?

(Dr. Bartlett) Our conscious expectation for what is or is not possible is formulated by the nature and extent of our beliefs. Our beliefs function as the perceptual filter which dictates what we are able to notice and to interact with as our concrete observable reality. We call this consensus reality; everybody agrees for instance that if somebody is wearing a red shirt, the shirt is red. But from a physics perspective, the shirt is not red, it’s every other color but red. Red is the one color that’s not there, so it’s the one that’s being reflected back to us! That’s a basic example of how our perceptions can trick us. They can totally be off base, but yet be accepted by everyone as real.

I took one weekend Matrix Energetics™ Level 1 seminar. Do Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Dunn continue to refine their ideas?

(Staff) Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Dunn are refining their ideas on a daily basis. I have seen Dr. Bartlett have a thought that then becomes a quantifiable, repeatable and usable process. They are constantly thinking and simplifying their ideas so they work every time and are then teachable.

Dr. Bartlett did transform a scoliosis, which was impressive to see. Does this happen often?

(Staff) It depends on what is meant by often. I’ve had the experience of feeling a scoliosis with Dr. Bartlett and while my hands were still on it and his over mine it transformed. The change was so quick it took seconds for my mind to catch up. It is impressive and dramatic to see this transformation in a workshop. It is sacred and awe-some to realize a person’s life has been transformed by the removal of suffering.

How do I make the effects stronger when I do the techniques I learned at the seminar?

(Staff ) You cannot make anything. They are very present to the person, and in the office less intentionally dramatic and gentler with incredible effects. Our role is to be present for the person standing in front of us. The focus of intent is on what they need, not on what I need to see. A good question to ask is, “How can I aid this person so they can heal themselves?”

I saw some people fall to the ground – does that have to happen for it to work?

(Staff) People experience what seems and feels like very subtle shifts in their body. Often these shifts have deep reaching aspects and just as often are subtle. Either way, a transformation takes place. Something happens each and every time; that is the beauty and ease of this system. There are more subtle shifts at times and often in the office people suddenly relax deeply into a slump, then sit back up renewed and feeling quite different. There does not have to be any dramatic collapsing for this shift to take place and to produce change.

I do still get results, but getting people to fall over (or even for them to get that mushy feeling) would be nice--I think validating, for me and for them, so they can say, yes something must have happened.

(Staff ) Well, this is an interesting question / thought. My first response is, "who is the client and who is the practitioner?" It sounds like you want to affect a change for the better for your client, but you want to be the receiver of some change or validation for yourself. Is that true? People don't often fall over. Some don't have it in their ideology that it's necessary or important or that they even want to. Some don't get a mushy feeling. No matter what I think or feel, if I touch someone with the intent of the higher good, a transformation takes place. It may be they go home and see their cat differently, or pay that bill that's been sitting on the counter, or have a spiritual insight. Falling over doesn't ensure that. It's a great teaching tool as it shows dramatically the wave potential.
I have had people fall over, and get mushy, and zone out. However, I have had an equal number and maybe more, not have any dramatics happen. Yet, dramatic transformation happened for them sometimes right there and sometimes over time. A shift in consciousness is a longer lasting transformation than falling over for a few minutes.

What if I don’t see anything happen?

(Staff) One thing I'm seeing is that I have to totally give my idea that I should see something happen. Remember, it's not about us it's about the client. No matter what we "do" they will initiate, receive and become - their way. Maybe instead of looking for a specific sign, you could look for what's different. Is that ankle softer? Does it have more range of motion? Is there a sense of peace? Ask your client if they notice anything different from when they came in, if you can't see or touch it.

Do I have to have a license or medical degree to learn Matrix Energetics™? Can anyone learn to use it?

(Staff) Anyone at all can learn Matrix Energetics™ and be effective from the first day of the seminar! Students have ranged in age from 10 to 80 years old. People attend for many reasons. Some want to have a system of self-healing, others to help their family. Health professionals find using Matrix Energetics™ makes their particular practice quicker, easier and more effective with longer lasting results in a short amount of time.

Do you have to have a belief to have it work?

(Staff) Thomas Edison said, “To invent you need imagination and a pile of junk”. The belief is that it works. Once you attend a seminar weekend, you will have no doubt that it works. You will see Matrix Energetics™ demonstrated and will have had hands-on practical experience. Once you see and experience this phenomenon, there is no way it can’t work. It just works.

Do you think change is a factor of holding a trance state strong enough? Or is it a "grounding and centering" issue.

(Staff) My suggestion is to notice when you are looking for something for YOU.
My own experience, and what I've seen in the office, is Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Dunn, don't go into that kind of meditative trance. They are very present here and now, right with the client in their space and all about them.

My own opinion is you may get more of what you're looking for if you do not enter a trance while you're working. My way is this. I do all my rituals – i.e., spiritual practice, meditation, sending my intentions, protecting and guarding, whatever the ritual of the day is. Then, when I'm through, I am enough. I am assured that I can leave all that at home, and my role for the rest of the day is to stay present, grounded in my body, and here and now in each moment.

The annoyance I feel with myself is when I think I am not enough. When I think I have to do or be something in order to be effective, it's a downward spiral. You are enough just where you are. You do this. You care. All the way up in your spiritual dimension isn't any "better" than not being there at all. Balance between earth and heaven is necessary. Work on grounding exercises and you may find you NEED less and less to see something because you will believe it already happened.

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